Due to government lock down, we are closed until early December. Please email pleromaflowers@gmail.com with any questions.

Sustainability commitments

Sustainability commitments

Biodegradable consumables

I support new ideas like biodegradable sponges when shipping flowers and eliminating plastic consumption at every opportunity! 

  • I don't use carcinogenic floral foam, opting for naturally occurring traditional methods.

  • To keep floral arrangements in place, I use chicken wire instead of flower foam, which ends up in landfill.

Reducing carbon footprint when buying my stock

Whenever possible, I focus on seasonal flowers, importing only during the winter months.

  • I buy my stock from Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Essex and Cornwall.

  • All my green waste gets recycled in an organic and ethical way - returning to the the place from which it was sourced! 

Partnering with ethical companies

All my flower deliveries are made by Urb-it, a progressive company who only deliver via public transport or on foot.